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Immerse yourself in a world where the grace of animals blends harmoniously with the magic of paintbrushes. K-roline, a passionate animal painter, invites everyone to explore the mysteries and beauty of the animal kingdom through her captivating works.


Every brushstroke, every nuance of colour, is imbued with a deep admiration and sincere respect for her subjects.


K-roline's canvases reveal the true essence of animals, capturing their grace, power and fragility with startling precision. From majestic felines to graceful birds in flight, each work is a vibrant tribute to the diversity and splendour of the natural world.


Based near Toulouse, K-roline is an award-winning French painter. She was awarded the Médaille de Vermeil by the Académie des Arts, des Sciences & des Lettres de Paris in 2022.


Her technique focuses mainly on acrylic paint, although she doesn't shy away from adding finishing touches with pastels, felt-tip pens and other materials, depending on how she feels.


Her aim is to bring to her paintings the sensitivity, gentleness and detail that define her character.


Through her art, K-roline aims to raise public awareness of the beauty of wildlife and the importance of preserving it. Each painting is an invitation to contemplate the richness of wildlife and to become aware of our collective responsibility towards it.

"I want to convey an emotion, and for me the gaze is one of the essential elements, but for certain canvases I also want to challenge the viewer."


K-roline takes pleasure in making puns with the titles of her canvases, and enjoys it.


She has exhibited in France, Italy, the United States (in the streets of New York and Miami) and in Barcelona, Spain.


Whether you're an animal lover, an art enthusiast or simply a curious observer, K-roline's creations will take you on an enchanting journey through the realms of nature. Join her in this artistic exploration, where each canvas tells a story, and each view reveals a profound truth about the world around us.


Discover the captivating world of K-roline and let yourself be carried away by the magic of animal art.

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